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Thermal management

CesarMed retails a universal thermal blanket for use during operations that fits all blower units.

Research shows that a constant body temperature of between 36°C and 37.5°C is crucial. However, the body is often unable to maintain thermoregulation when anesthetized for an operation. If the core body temperature drops too far, the risk of infection increases and the onset of hypothermia can result in a range of complications.

The thermal blanket supplied by CesarMed provides a solution to this. It has been successfully tested in combination with the most prevalent equipment.

During these trials, both the equipment and the blanket continued to function optimally, with the heated air stream spreading out evenly across the blanket and the unique micro-pores allowing the air to discharge effectively.

Description Size
Full Body Full body 195 x 100
Multi Access Multi Access 195 x 100
Abdominal Access Abdominal Access 192 x 180
Adult Tube Adult Tube 217 x 91
Lower Body Lower body 120 x 100
Upper Body ARM IN Upper Body ARM IN 124 x 94
Upper Body ARM OUT Upper Body ARM OUT 192 x 57
Pedlatric Neonatal Pedlatric Neonatal 92 x 89
Pedlatric Child Pedlatric Child 99 x 136
Pedlatric Tube Pedlatric Tube 113 x 56
Multi Purpose Hose Sock Multi Purpose Hose Sock 100 x 12